Hi guys 

Well I have horrible timing with injuries lately! Last week I burnt myself working on a custom set, the punte slipped and somehow my right hand went right into my flame.  It’s ugly but I really thought I could still do class and all would work out.  Im so bummed, but I need to give this one another week or so and unfortunately the school doesn’t seem to have another window beside January for us to get back on schedule.  Thank you all so much for your support!!!! I am very excited to showcase all your glass in my classes!  I have stashed everything you all sent me away for when we get back to the classroom!  I am adding an extra day to this particular class and a co teacher DaniGirl to join me as well and still the pop in Collab with Mr.Gray.  Together we are going to throw out even more technical sculpting demo/lessons, make a Collab,and go over a lot we have learned from our teacher Banjo. So I think it will be a nice compliment and also expanding the course all for the same price!  I am making a new promo poster and including all your logos and will email you a copy ASAP.
Thanks again so much and if you need to call me 818-294-8117.  I will still be attending “Terps and Twang” tonight in supporting the local scene and have 4 pieces showing.  My sincerest apology for having to postpone, I just can’t give em my all right now.  If you’d like to see message me.  
Take care and more soon!

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